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Things to see and do

Be enchanted by nature, embrace history and encounter culture. In Suomussalmi, the days may pass quickly as you visit different places of interest. You can explore the history of the Winter War on the Raate Road or take a boat cruise to Ilmari Kianto artist home, Turjanlinna. The enchanting scenery of Kaunisniemi invites you to play music in the Soiva Metsä (Musical Forest) and the Silent People with their coffee and delicacies will crown the summer day.


In Suomussalmi, all year round, the days hurry past as you visit places of interest and engage in a range of active pastimes for the whole family.

Old pine forests and sandy eskers in Hossa offer the ideal terrain for hiking. How does it sound to spend a day in Hossa National Park hiking, cycling, paddling or maybe even stand-up paddleboarding?


Raatteen Portin Talvisotamuseon pihassa oleva Avara syli -monumentti. Suomussalmen muistomerkit ja patsaat

Places of interest

Suomussalmi is known for its many unique places of interest. The Winter War battles fought in Suomussalmi and especially the battles on Raate road draw thousands of visitors every year, and the Silent People installation keeps on puzzling and charming those driving along National Highway 5.

In the Musical Forest, the sounds of large-terrain instruments echo in the air, and the Hossa Värikallio rock paintings and Julma-Ölkky canyon lake invite you on a time-travelling journey to prehistory.

Have you checked out these magnificent spots in Suomussalmi?

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An active day is crowned by the warmth of the sauna and a refreshing dip in the lake. Suomussalmi’s wellness entrepreneurs, from masseurs to hairdressers and beauticians, also offer a little luxury for your holiday.

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