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Places of interest

Suomussalmi offers a variety of attractions and cultural sites for the whole family. On this page you will find information on attractions to help you plan a successful day out.

Discover the beauty and history of Suomussalmi through the sights

Discover the beauty and history of Suomussalmi through our attractions. As a traveller, you can look forward to unforgettable moments in Hossa National Park and a sense of the atmosphere of a bygone war era on the Raatteentie. Active holidays in Suomussalmi offer great opportunities to experience a variety of experiences in different seasons. In winter you can enjoy skiing and snowshoeing, while in summer the waterways invite paddlers and fishermen and the trails offer great routes for mountain bikers.

Suomussalmi’s gem, the Hossa National Park, is a nature reserve offering visitors peaceful and beautiful scenery. As a hiker and nature lover, you’ll enjoy the hiking trails, lush forests and clear waters. Hossa National Park is a true paradise for nature lovers. Hossa has an extensive network of hiking trails as well as campfire sites, deserted cabins and cabins for rent.

When travelling to Suomussalmi, you should also visit the historic Raate road area. This place bears the story of Finland’s military history, as key battles were fought along the Raatteentie, which runs along the eastern side of Suomussalmi. By visiting Raatteentie, you can step back in time and experience the events that shaped the fate of the country.

As the name suggests, the Musical Forest offers an environmental artwork built on a pine canvas, in which the viewer can participate. The venue is fun for families with children or groups of several people, as playing several instruments requires the cooperation of several people.

Turjanlinna, the home of the master writer Ilmari Kianto, is one of the most interesting places to visit in Suomussalmi. The Turjanlinna area is a place to visit during the summer. In addition, the Kianta boat cruises to Turjanlinna daily during the summer season. You can also book charter cruises on the ship according to your wishes.

Suomussalmi is located in the province of Kainuu. Suomussalmi can be reached by car via the five-lane road and the distance from Helsinki, for example, is about 650 kilometres.

Kylpylä Kiannon Kuohut

Kiannon Kuohut Recreational Spa

Kiannon Kuohut Recreation Spa is located in the middle of beautiful nature, yet close to the village centre. The cosy spa and gym offer refreshment for body and mind all year round.

The pool area features a 25-metre-long four-lane fitness pool, a safe children’s pool with two slides, and hydro-massage, whirlpool and cold-water pools. In addition to Finnish saunas, there is also an herbal steam sauna. Natural water bathing is available in the adjacent scenic river all year round.

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