reitti Muikkupuron laavulle, Hossan kansallispuisto


Accessibility is part of social responsibility, equality and consideration of the diversity of people in the planning, implementation and maintenance of the environment.

Accessibility is one of the key constituents of social responsibility, equality and the consideration of diversity in the planning, realisation and maintenance of the environment. An accessible area is functional, safe and comfortable and does not exclude anyone based on their physical capacity. Accessibility has been increased by, for example, widening doors, access routes and toilets and creating wheelchair ramps.

Below, you will find a list of services in Suomussalmi that offer enhanced accessibility. Further down the page, you will find accessible natural attractions in the Suomussalmi and Hossa areas. For more information about accessible accommodation and other services, please contact the service providers directly. More information on accessibility in Hossa can be found here: Accessible Hossa

When you arrive in Kainuu, you should also familiarize yourself with the services and offerings of the SOLIA aid loan company located in Sotkamo. The rental company has, among other things, an off-road hand bike, an off-road tandem and an off-road bike. For more information please contact: