Kainuun Luontoretket excursions and courses
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Kainuun Luontoretket excursions and courses

On a guided tour, you’ll hear stories about nature and local history while enjoying the stunning scenery of Hossa National Park.

With us, you can practice kayaking, hiking, mountain biking and fishing in various forms, as well as hunting within the permit conditions. Our partners offer for example bear watching and motorboat rides on Julma Ölkky Canyon Lake. Program services and guidance are available for all program formats. If you can't find a suitable excursion in the selection, submit your wish for an active vacation, and we will help you organize a memorable vacation.


Kainuun luontoretket Joukojärventie 14, 89920 Suomussalmi timo@kainuunluontoretket.fi +358400758295


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