Raatteen vihreä noin 30 metriä korkea vartiotorni.
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Raate’s old watchtower and Home Front Exhibition

The Old Watchtower

Raate’s old watchtower locates in the eastern part of the Raate road. In the tower you can see the landscaping from above.

The watchtower is open to customers for an entrance fee of 10 €/person.

The Home Front Exhibition

The Home Front Exhibition locates in the same yard as the Old Watchtower. Artifacts from the past are on display at the Home Front Exhibition. In the exhibition, you can see what life was like on the home front during the war.

Cafe Ukraine serves at the entrance of the watchtower and the Home Front Exhibition.

Opening hours:

7.6.–30.8.2022 Tue–Sun at 10–17

Contact details

Pyhän Maan Kristityt ry Raatteentie 183, 89800 Suomussalmi 041 7384301 Katso poikkeusaukioloajat