Pyhän Ristin tsasouna Suomussalmen keskustassa.

Holy Cross Orthodox Chapel

The Tsasouna, or Orthodox prayer house, represents the Karelian log building tradition at its best. The timber for the building was purchased from the forests of Suomussalmi and the log work was erected by the construction company Pekka Tavi in Nurmes. The tsasouna was designed by architect Hannu Pyykkönen, who was familiar with the log churches of eastern Karelia and meticulously followed old models in his decorative cuts.

The foundation stone of Tsasouna was laid in the summer of 1982. The masonry ceremony was attended by Metropolitan Leo of the Diocese of Oulu. The Tsasouna was inaugurated on 27 February 1983.

Three church bells mark the services. The bells are in B, E and A tunes. The largest bell weighs 59 kilos, the next 15 and 7.

Inside the fence of the Tsasouna is a statue of the Weeper, sculpted by artist Niina Sailo. The statue was unveiled on 27 June 1987. It is a tribute to the weeper tradition in Viena Carelia and its artists. The statue is a joint project of the municipality of Suomussalmi and the Väinölä Foundation.

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