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Suomussalmi Tourist Office – Visit Suomussalmi, maintains the municipality´s tourist information, serves tourists and municipal residents all year round.

The Tourist Office is open during the winter season Mon – Fri from 9 am to 4 pm and in the summer season every day.

Suomussalmi Tourist Office — Visit Suomussalmi offers up-to-date tourist information for the locality and serves tourists and locals all year round. The Tourist Office provides advice and tips for a successful holiday, as well as free brochures and maps of Suomussalmi. There are also publications on other Finnish tourist cities and destinations, including national parks.


The Tourist Office staff are also happy to assist in planning travel itineraries for groups. From the office, you can book qualified tourist guides to different local destinations and group cruises on M/S Kianta ship to the Turjanlinna residence of the Finnish writer Ilmari Kianto. Here, you can also buy postcards and stamps, local jewellery, books about the Suomussalmi region, maps of Hossa National Park and Hossa water excursion guidebooks.

The Tourist Office is in the Jalonniemi building next to National Road 5 (E63) and right by the centre of Suomussalmi (Ämmänsaari). Jalonniemi House and the Tourist Office are accessible premises. Free WiFi is available for clients. In the same building, you can also eat and drink at the Lunch Café and Bakery Ämmän Herkkusuu or Pizzeria Ron. Additionally, there is a Recharge Infra electric vehicle charging station in the Jalonniemi House parking lot of.

Speciality shops and several grocery stores can be found in the centre of Suomussalmi. There are also unique rural shops around the region that will welcome travellers.

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Travel programs for groups

The Tourist Office also assists in planning travel programs for groups and through it you can book an authorized tourist guide and M/S Kianta Cruises to Ilmari “Iki” Kianto´s Turjanlinna.

Prehistory Exhibition in Jalonniemi House

The exhibition sheds light on the world of thought of people thousands of years ago with fiction, with the bear worship tree, bear skull and pulley, and cult objects. At the request of the municipality of Suomussalmi, the Museum Agency has lent authentic jewerly, choice molds, stone axes, chisels, slate tips, silicon arrows, quartz scrapers, Iron Age tools and e.g. cremation grave object assemblage from Peranka. The exhibition also features a 3 x 6 meter Photo Print of rock paintings Värikallio in Suomussalmi.

The Prehistory Exhibition has been planned and put together by doctor of Philosophy Matti Huurre, principal Lippo Vester and project secretary Anna-Liisa Helttunen.

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Untold Arctic Wars – Digital exhibition at Jalonniemi House

The exhibition describes the events of the Winter War and Raatteentie (Raate Road) as part of the Second World War and the reasons for its outbreak. In addition to the battles of Suomussalmi, the exhibition deals with Finnish Propaganda and operations Weserübung and Silverfox, in which the weather has played an essential role. Admission to the exhibition is free and it is open during the opening hours of the Tourist Office.

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