Cultural tourism in Suomussalmi includes unique attractions, theatre performances, exhibitions and events.

Turjanlinna, home of author Ilmari Kianto

Finnish author Ilmari Kianto, from the Kainuu region, was one of the most significant Finnish authors in the beginning of the 20th century. He wrote more than 60 books in his lifetime. The most famous ones of his books are about the life of local people in Kainuu at the time

Turjanlinna, the unique home of Ilmari Kianto, was destroyed during the Winter War in 1939. However, some buildings at the site survived the war or have been built since, and they serve as a museum in the summers.

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The Silent People

The Silent People is a bizarre sight; roughly a thousand peat-headed characters standing still at the Käpylä field alongside the National Highway 5.

The Silent People was created by dancer and choreographer Reijo Kela in 1988. However, this is not its original location. In the beginning it was in two different locations closer to the center of Suomussalmi, and The Silent People even made a trip to the Senaatintori Market Place in Helsinki in 1994! It has been in its current location since August 1994.

The creator Reijo Kela has been asked about what the meaning of the fascinating art project is, but he refuses to provide any answer – each visitor has to draw their own conclusions.

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