An active day is crowned by the warmth of the sauna and a refreshing dip in the lake. Suomussalmi’s wellness entrepreneurs, from masseurs to hairdressers and beauticians, also offer a little luxury for your holiday.

Etualalla kylpylä Kiannon Kuohujen lastenallas ja taustalla 25 metriä pitkä kuntouintiallas.
Kylpylä Kiannon Kuohut, kuvaaja Hannu Huttu

Recreational Spa Kiannon kuohut

The spa lobby features a café, a ball pit for children, a golf simulator, a free iWall game wall with a variety of games and free Wi-Fi. You can book a round on the golf simulator from the spa cashier. Humula Playground and Activity Park is located next to the spa.

Measures have been taken to make the spa accessible to visitors of all needs.


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