Male Bear at Martinselkonen
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Bear Watching Night at Martinselkonen

Would you like to see brown bears in their natural habitat? Martinselkonen Wilds Centre has 27 years of experience with Bear Watching and Photography safaris. During one night excursion you normally see several bears and you have a good chance of seeing also bear cubs following their mum.

The all night excursion will start at 4 p.m. and end next morning after 7 a.m. The night is spent in a comfortable wooden hide that has places for sleeping and dry eco toilet. The guide is with you all night and tells you about the bears seen. Evening snack is included in the price. A good chance to take pictures of bears climbing the trees.

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Martinselkonen Wilds Centre Pirttivaarantie 131, 89920 Suomussalmi +3588736160

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Starting from 155 €
Snow bear in Martinselkonen
Bear cub at Martinselkonen
Eating bear at Martinselkonen
Large bear hide