Trails and nature attractions

In Suomussalmi you will find multiple options for hiking trails and outdoor activities. Visit Värikallio historic rock paintings in Hossa, Säynäjäsuo Mire Conservation Area or spend a night in a shelter by the pond on the Pesiö Hiking trail!

The most affecting Nature Attractions are Hossa National Park, The Nature Reservation Area of Martinselkonen and Yli-Vuokki and the nearby Murhisalo. There are also many trails between 4 and 28 kilometres. There are more details on the hiking and traveling guide which can be found, for example from Suomussalmi Tourist Information, Jalonniemi.


In the area of Suomussalmi municipality, there are several different trails, the lengths of which vary between less than a kilometer to even 30 kilometer long. In addition to the ones below, you can also find digital route descriptions on the Outdoor Active service and, for Hossa National Park, on the website. In addition, the routes are described in both the tourist map and the hiking guide, which can be obtained from the Suomussalmi Tourism Office.

Suomussalmi and Hossa trails in Outdoor Active