Variskoski keväällä.
Varisköngäs. Kuvaaja Alpo Rissanen.

Varisköngäs Waterfalls & Trail

Varisköngäs, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Kainuu. Located along the Haverinen-Varisköngäs hiking trail, the 11-metre-high waterfall is a spectacular sight, especially during spring floods. The waterfall can also be viewed from the parking area along the Aittokoskentie, which is about 300 m long and marked. There are steps along the way, and the waterfall can be admired from the top, next to the fireplace, as well as from the resting place below.

Take a hike to Varisköngäs and listen to the rapids roar in the forest canopy. See the waterfall gushing and admire the fabulous coniferous forest surrounding it.

Trail information

Aittokoskentie 17, 89600 Suomussalmi