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Jarno’s Wilderness

Jarno’s Wilderness carries you into the middle of natural wonders with more than two decades of experience in wilderness guiding. In addition to Hossa and nearby destinations, Jarno will be happy to guide you through the other natural attractions of Kainuu. This one-man guiding company is one of diverse professional skills: being a restaurant cook as well, Jarno also masters the preparation of superb campfire meals.

Guided nature excursions

Jarno’s Wilderness offers guided excursions particularly in the area of Hossa, Kylmäluoma and Suomussalmi. You can also book excursions to other destinations in Kainuu.

Bird photography excursions

A skilful guide helps you to find the spots where you can photograph the most elusive of birds. Among other things, Jarno’s Wilderness is familiar with Hossa’s best owl destinations.

Campfire cook services

A restaurant cook’s skills come into their own in campfire conditions. Jarno’s masterpiece is a meal conjured up of game or freshwater fish.

Contact details

Jarno's Wilderness Nuolentie 120, 89600 Suomussalmi jarnos.wilderness@gmail.com 040 02 86737