Photo: Harri Tarvainen

Nature, Culture, History

Suomussalmi is a municipality in the Kainuu region north of Kajaani and south of Kuusamo.

It is the home of great forest-covered eskers where you can roam scenic nature trails and experience four distinct seasons. Here, winter is the real thing with glimmering snowy landscapes. A multitude of activities, places to see and new experiences await visitors all year round. You can also relax and find peace and tranquillity, charmed by the wilderness of Hossa National Park.

Cable bridge goes over the Julma-Ölkky canyon lake.

Hossa National Park

The stunning lake and esker scenery of Hossa are yours to enjoy and explore on skis or a bike in winter or by foot, in a canoe, on a stand-up paddleboard or mountain bike from spring to autumn. The Hossa wilderness area, located in the northern part of Suomussalmi, was designated a national park in 2017 to celebrate Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence. Although this makes Hossa one of Finland’s youngest national parks, its landscape has a long history. Here, you can admire Finland’s northernmost rock paintings dating back over four thousand years or spot the traces of the Ice Age carved in the scenery.

Aerial photo of the pools at spa Kiannon Kuohut. Up front there is a kids pool and a waterslide and at the back there is a 25 meter long pool.
Spa Kiannon Kuohut, Hannu Huttu / suomussalmen kunta

Recreational Spa Kiannon Kuohut

Recreational Spa Kiannon Kuohut is located in the middle of a beautiful natural setting yet is close to the services of the vibrant village centre. A cosy spa and gym offer refreshment for the body and mind throughout the year.

The pool area has a 25 m-long, four-lane fitness pool, a safe children’s pool with two slides and hydromassage, a jacuzzi and cold-water pools. In addition to Finnish saunas, the spa also provides a herbal steam sauna. There is also access from the spa to the natural waters of the nearby scenic river all year round.

Recreational Spa Kiannon Kuohut

Welcome to Suomussalmi

Suomussalmi lies in the northern part of Kainuu just over an hour’s drive from Kajaani. Come and experience all four seasons in the beautiful nature of this region where forest-covered eskers and age-old forests greet visitors on picturesque nature trails. Among the names and places associated with Suomussalmi are Raate Road (the location of fierce Winter War battles), Ilmari Kianto (“the writer from the backwoods”), the landscape art installation Silent People and Hossa National Park.

Suomussalmi invites you to enjoy the peace of nature and its offerings. Experience the uniqueness of the Silent People, the melodious sounds of the Musical Forest and the epic war history of Raate.

Hossa National Park offers many easily accessed and guided trails that run along imposing forest-covered sandy eskers, flowing streams and clearwater lakes. The mysterious rock paintings of Värikallio and Julma-Ölkky, the largest canyon lake in Finland, are one-of-a-kind.

Raate Road takes you on an impressive journey through Finnish military history. The road served as a gateway between Finland and its eastern neighbour for hundreds of years. In fact, here is the oldest national border in Europe runs across the road. The breath-taking Winter War Monument consists of a large stone field and the “Wide Embrace” central monument that feature 105 brass bells, one to commemorate each day of the Winter War.