Raate Road

The battles of the Winter War in Suomussalmi and especially on the Raate Road are interest to tens of thousands of people every year. The Winter War Museum in Raatteen Portti is a good place to learn about the battles. The Winter War Monument is also located near the Raatteen Portti. Along the Museum Road there is the Russian Monument, the restored Purasjoki Frontline, the Battles of Raate Monument in Likoharju, and at the eastern end of the road there is the Frontier Guard Museum.

You can explore the Raate Road either on your own with the help of brochures or by taking a guided tour with an expert guide. There are several Winter War memorials in different parts of eastern Suomussalmi, the most famous of which is the Flame Statue, designed by the academic Alvar Aalto, in Karhulanvaara, near the Suomussalmi church village.