Raatteen Portin julkisivu edestä kuvattuna.

Café Kanttiini Päämaja in Raatteen Portti

In the Café Kanttiini Päämaja coffee is enjoyed with famous knight doughnuts, in Finnish these are traditionally called “munkki”. Other freshly baked pastries and snacks such as delicious sandwiches are also available. On a hot summer day, Raate’s unique soda, which you can find on the shelf in several sweet flavors, quenches your thirst.

Kanttiini Päämaja is located right next to the Winter War Exhibition, under the same roof. Raatteen Portti’s friendly staff is also happy to tell you about the sights along the Raate Road.

Meals for groups

In Café Kanttiini Päämaja it is possible to order meals for groups all year round. After visiting the exhibition how would it sound to enjoy, for example, tasty “sergeant major’s salmon soup” or “regiment’s game temptation” together with your group? Meals for groups must be booked at least seven days in advance. Raatteen Portti’s kitchen staff prepares the dishes whenever possible from the local ingredients and respecting Kainuu’s food traditions. More information and menu from the website: raatteenportti.fi/en/kanttiini-paamaja/.

Souvenir Shop Motti

In the Souvenir Shop Motti, which is connected to Kanttiini Päämaja, the traveler can find many things to take home with – t-shirts, historical books, old wartime magazines and other souvenirs. What would you like to buy as a memory from your trip to Raate?

Contact details

Raatteen Portti Raatteentie 2, 89800 Suomussalmi info@raatteenportti.fi +358 40 089 2192
Pöydällä sini-valkoruudullinen pöytäliina, tumman sininen kahvikuppi ja täytetty sämpylä, taustalla Kanttiini Päämajan palvelutiski.