Raatteen Vartiomuseo ulkoapäin kesällä
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The Raate Frontier Guard Museum

The Frontier Guard Museum located at the eastern end of the Raate road at Suomussalmi is restored to its state of 1939. It tells us about the life of a frontier guard post before the Second World War. It also gives the visitor information about the events of the Winter War along the Raate road and how they affected the life at the frontier guard.

This building is the only one of the guard houses built before the WW II by the independent state of Finland which is left. The Frontier Guard Museum was founded in summer 1988.

Open in summer time daily.
On request, open for groups also at other times.

Contact details

Visit Suomussalmi Raatteentie 183, 89800 Suomussalmi visit@suomussalmi.fi +35844773250
Rajavartijoiden työasuja eri ajoilta
Vartiomuseo sisältä, vartioasema vuoden 1939 asussa