Raatteen tien muistomerkki

Memorial of Raate

Located on the Raate Museum Road by the yard of the house at Likoharju is the Raate Road Monument. Fierce battles were fought in this area at the beginning of January 1940. A large section of the invading Russian force was isolated here and defeated by Finnish soldiers.

A plaque on the monument has the text:
“This monument has been erected in memory of the courageous battles fought along the Raate road during 1939-1940. Wilderness comrades-in-arms”

The monument was erected on 11th August 1963.,

The location can be seen on the Kainuu outdoors map.
Street address: Raatteentie 83, Suomussalmi

Trail information

Raatteentie 83, 89800 Suomussalmi