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Mustajoki river

General description and local fish stock

The Mustajoki river winds through a twenty-kilometre journey through forest landscapes, draining its water into Lake Kiantajärvi. The small river, which is less noticed among the many destination is Suomussalmi, is particularly suitable for those looking for their own secret grayling-fishing location. Perhaps the largest grayling in all the rapids of Suomussalmi can be caught here.

Mustajoki is about 45 kilometres northward from Suomussalmi. You can easily spend a whole weekend exploring the rapids and stones of the river, but the destination is also suitable as a stopover on the way to to Hossanjoki, for example, or to the Peranganjoki river. The main catch here is grayling, but trout are also found in the river. They come up from Lake Kiantajärvi to the brooks of Mustajoki to spawn. In addition, plantings have been carried out in the past years.


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In this narrow, slow-flowing river, the water levels can fall low,which is why site is best suited for light fly-fishing or spin casting. Casting a fly on these wooded shores sometimes requires precision. Therefore, the Mustajoki river is not the best destination for the novice fly-fisher. On the other hand, you can do well on the river with short reeling throws or by raising the fly upstream and following it with a rod. Spin casters should leave their biggest lures home and try small spinners and microjigs instead.

A bit of effort is required from the fisher in moving around on the shores and in getting to their fishing site. However, in many places, the river is only a couple of hundred metres away by foot. The Mustajoki area does not have any hiking routes. The reward for the effort is that you can often explore the river at your own leisure. For those coming to Mustajoki for the first time, a good starting point is, for example, Taivalkoski, which is the last rapid before the river flows into lake Kiantajärvi. The campfire angler’s choice of destination is the Huosiokoski rapid, which is located on midway of the river length on the east side of the road, as it has a lean-to shelter on the bank.



Fishing permit and regulations for Mustajoki

In addition to paying the fisheries management fee, you need an angling permit. Most of the rapids of the Mustajoki river belong to the North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu angling permit area 5411. The permit area can be viewed in the retkikartta.fi service by clicking on the fishing areas layer.

Most important minimum catch sizes and protection periods:

Minimum catch size of a grayling: 35 cm. Protection period: 1 April to 31 May.

Minimum catch size of a trout with an adipose fin: 60 cm. Minimum catch size of a trout with the adipose fin cut: 50 cm. The protection period for trout in the rapids and current areas: 1 September to 30 November.


(vapalupa 5411):



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