Henna ja Nella ongella Hennalla ahven koukussa Säynäjäjärvi Suomussalmi heinäkuu


Hossa’s fishing waters are a fisher’s paradise where fishing is possible all year round. Naturally strong populations of perch and whitefish, as well as stocked trout, guarantee fishers a pleasant catch. In addition to Hossa, well-known fishing spots include the Yli-Vuokki recreational fishing area and the fishing permit area of Korvua-Näljänkäjoki.

Kalastaja Mustajoella syksyllä.

Fishing spots in Suomussalmi

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Fishing spots

Hossa: The fisher’s paradise

Hossa’s fishing waters are managed systematically. The sufficiency of natural fish species is taken care of by stocking and some of the endorheic waters are also stocked with catch-size rainbow trout while the Hossanjoki River is stocked with trout. Fly fishing, ice fishing and trolling areas are all easily accessible. Deep in the wilderness, along the scenic waterways, you can fish for pike, perch, whitefish, European grayling and trout. You can buy the necessary permits from the Visitor Centre and rent a rowing boat for trolling.

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Yli-Vuokki Recreational Fishing Area

The water route is formed from over 20 km of lakes and rapids. There are steadily growing European graylings in the rapids and rivers and lake trout travels from Vuokkijärvi Lake to the waterway. Salmonoids are also regularly stocked in the area. There are maintained resting places and rental cabins along the shores of the rapids. In the centre of Suomussalmi, fishing permits are sold at Teboil Turjanhovi, which can be contacted via telephone on tel. + 358 10 231 9100.


The joint fishing permit area of Korvua-Näljänkäjoki is a 110 km-long river fishing area for lure fishing in the sparsely populated Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu borderlands. The fishing permit area covers dozens of rapids and streams of different lengths in seven different jointly, privately and state-owned (Metsähallitus) waters. The area has more than 60 rapids and numerous smaller shoots, so there is plenty of room for fishing. Most of the rapids can be reached by car, but some require some walking and their banks can be rough and bushy or quarry-like. Most of the rapids are in forestry areas, but there are also rapid banks that are protected, such as in protected ancient forests.

You will find permit information in Eräluvat.fi