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The Silent People

The Silent People is a bizarre sight; roughly a thousand peat-headed characters standing still at the Käpylä field alongside the National Highway 5.

The Silent People was created by dancer and choreographer Reijo Kela in 1988. However, this is not its original location. In the beginning it was in two different locations closer to the center of Suomussalmi, and The Silent People even made a trip to the Senaatintori Market Place in Helsinki in 1994! It has been in its current location since August 1994.

The creator Reijo Kela has been asked about what the meaning of the fascinating art project is, but he refuses to provide any answer – each visitor has to draw their own conclusions.

Next to the Silent People there is the Niittykahvila field cafe that is open during the summer. There the traveller can enjoy kettle coffee and Finnish crepes while admiring the colorful and fascinating sight of the Silent People. Niittykahvila field cafe also offers services for groups; Reservations should be made in advance.

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