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Turjanlinna, Home of Author Ilmari Kianto

Finnish author Ilmari Kianto, from the Kainuu region, was one of the most significant Finnish authors in the beginning of the 20th century. He wrote more than 60 books in his lifetime. The most famous ones of his books are about the life of local people in Kainuu at the time.

Turjanlinna, the unique home of Ilmari Kianto, was destroyed during the Winter War in 1939. However, some buildings at the site survived the war or have been built since, and they serve as a museum in the summers.

It is not possible to go to Turjanlinna by foot or by yourself, it is only accessible on the guided cruises of the Kianta boat. On the cruise, a guide tells the visitors about the fascinating life of Ilmari Kianto and presents the beautiful Turjanlinna area. Cruises run daily during summer season 2024 between 24th of June and 11th of August, at 11am and 3pm (duration of the cruise: 2 hours). The location of the attraction on this page is the starting point of the cruises.

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