The instruments of Musical Forest are located on a sand esker
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The Musical Forest

The unique Soiva Metsä (Musical Forest) is a forest filled with artistic instruments that can not only be played but are pieces of art as well. The instruments are scattered around the beautiful landscape. The instruments are build by professionals of instrument building; Markku Penttilä, Olli Penttilä and Pekka Westerholm.

Soiva Metsä is located in Kaunisniemi, 7 kilometers from the Suomussalmi Center.

The Soiva Metsä instruments can be also reached by foot along the Seitenahveninen hiking trail, starting from the Suomussalmi Center, Pitämä residential area, and leading to Seitenahveninen Recreational Fishing ja Trekking area. From the Seitenahveninen Parking area you can go along the road to “Kesäteatteri” (summer theatre) to the path leading to Soiva Metsä.

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