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The Suomussalmi House Museum

The Suomussalmi House Museum gives an idea of how people lived in the 19th and 20th century in Suomussalmi. It is a beautiful and fascinating outdoor museum with a very unique atmosphere that's also suitable and fun for families.

The museum is located in Kirkkoniemi, Suomussalmi church village. It was opened in 1967. None of the museum buildings stood originally in Kirkkoniemi, where the first church of Suomussalmi was built, but they have been moved to their present site one by one from various villages of Suomussalmi.

Opening times: 21.6.-14.8.2022 Tue-Sun 10-18, Closed on Mondays. Free entry.


Visit Suomussalmi Kirkkotie 35, 89800 Suomussalmi visit@suomussalmi.fi +358447773250 Katso poikkeusaukioloajat