Varisjärven nuotiontekopaikka, johon on sytytetty nuotio, nuotion ympärillä istumapuut.

Haverinen-Varisjärvi hiking trail

The Haverinen–Varisjärvi trail is the right choice for those who want a longer hike. The excursion is crowned by the magnificent Varisköngäs waterfall. The length of the whole trail is approx. 30 km, and the length of the trail around Varisjärvi is 9.2 km. The trails are marked on the trees with green and white paint.

It is also possible to visit Varisköngäs separately. You can reach the waterfall along the marked path from the parking lot along Aittokoskentie. The distance to the waterfall is approx. 300 m in one direction.

Trail information

Jalonkatu 1, 89600 Suomussalmi
Length30 km/9,2km