Neljä hiihtäjää Suomussalmen hiihtoladulla Kylpylä Kiannon Kuohujen takana.
Kuvaaja: Hannu Huttu

Haverinen ski centre

The illuminated connecting track from the center of Suomussalmi, Ämmänsaari, to the tracks of Haverinen ski center is a popular ski track in itself. In Haverinen you can find versatile and varied lighted tire tracks (2 km and 3 km), in addition, a longer tire track of 5 kilometers runs around the ski center. The trail network continues from Haverinen to Aittokoski and from there to the campfire place of old airport. In spring and winter, the track is extended in the direction of Venäläisenaho, allowing you to accumulate a good distance along the Emäjoki river.

Trail information

Length2, 3, 5 km (Haverinen), 5km (Haverinen-Ämmänsaari), 17,5km (Haverinen-Aittokoski roundtrip)