Lähdepohjaisen lammen , Onkipotkamon rannalla.
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Särkkä cabin

A private accommodation in the wilderness in the old property of the forest agency with an old barrack cabin Särkän kämppä, a cabin of the non-commissioned officer from Paukkula and an old traditional log sauna with other buildings.

In Ruhtinansalmi, which is located, on the shore of the pond Onkipotkamo. About 48 km to the north from the centre of Suomussalmi. Driving instructions: About 3 km to the south through the road E63 (main road 5) from the centre of Suomussalmi, then to the left the street Juntusrannantie about 43 km. the destination is on the right.

Available for rent:
From the 1st of April until 31st of October, otherwise according to agreement.


Särkän kämppä – the main building:

Cabin accommodation (bunk bed) and one bedroom for two persons (double bed), places to sleep for 20 persons. Dining and stay in the same room.

WC, kitchen with equipments, stove, microwave oven, coffee machine, electric kettle, 2 refrigerators, freezer, netTV, WI-fi, heat pump/ air conditioning, blankets and pillows. Own linen or linen from the owner 8 €/ person. A possibility to wash the laundry.


Aliupseerikämppä Paukkula (cabin of the non-commissioned officer from Paukkula):

Cabin accommodation (bunk bed), sleeping places for 10 persons.                

Latrine,. Kitchen,  micro wave, coffee machine, electric kettle, stove, refridgerate, cabin furniture.                           


Price from 30 €/day & night/person (at least 4 persons)
120 €/day/4 persons & night
360 €/weekend/4 persons
840 €/one week/4 persons

For the groups of over 5 persons there is a seperate accommodation offer.
Linen and towel 8 €/person
Sauna (on the shore)/log sauna has to be heated with wood, a possibility to swim from 40 €/2 hours
Bathing tub from 50 €/refill.


Contact details

Saana Siekkinen Juntusrannantie 455, 89920 Suomussalmi s.siekkinen@gmail.com +358 40 4124 103
Särkän kämppä ulkokuva