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Niittykahvila Cafe of the Silent People

Niittykahvila Cafe of the Silent People offers an unforgettable experience for all motorists driving along Highway 5. Almost in the middle but in the east part of Finland. If you need a cup of coffee between Suomussalmi and Kuusamo, this is the place to visit! Come and taste our proper fire-brewed, kettle coffee and delicious butter-baked Finnish crepes with reindeer-ham filling. Silent coffee break includes fire-brewed, black pot coffee with the "spoon" made from willow, butter-baked Finnish campfire pancakes (crepes) with reindeer-ham or vegetable filling, served on a shingle plate, what an experience! Niittykahvila-café is open daily in the summer (June, July, August and September), and in the winter for groups with a pre-order. Our Café is nominated as Tastefull Countryside -company of the year 2020 in Kainuu region! We were also granted the key flag symbol as a sign of Finnish work. During the summer time there is a little barn shop where the local handicrafts, organic products, local wood works and special local products are available. You can also enjoy your coffee break inside the Meadow Cottage and admire the Silent People scene from window. When you stomach is full, you can rest in a real hay barn and dream about old days 🙂 Embrace of Mother Nature -lunch buffet is available in Meadow Cottafe every day from 21th of June until 7th of August. And also at the same time, have a look some art exhibition in the Cottage.


Silent People Niittykahvila Cafe and Meadow Cottage restaurant Viitostie 547, 89600 Suomussalmi +358503620609


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