pyöräilyreitti ämmsaari-kirkonkylä


The beautiful scenery of Suomussalmi attracts cyclists of all abilities and ages. Here, you can enjoy both road and mountain biking. Local companies offer a wide range of rental bikes, including mountain bikes, fat bikes, electric folding bikes, Jopo bikes and standard bikes.


Mountain biking trails

Hossa National Park has four marked mountain biking trails, which run through Hossa’s most handsome esker and lake scenery. By combining alternative routes and roads in the area, cyclists can plan an individually tailored route.
Neljä henkilöä talvipyöräilemässä Hossassa järven jäällä kevätauringossa.

Winter Cycling

The cycling trails of Hossa and Martinselkonen offer more than 150 km of cycling joy even in winter! Fat bikes with thick tires perform well on maintained routes. Electrically assisted, they offer a new way to explore the outdoors in winter. More information about the winter trails in Hossa can be found on Metsähallitus’s website of and about the Martinselkonen routes on their own website. There are also winter trails on Visit Suomussalmi website:

Winter cycling