Sporttipajan laukkuja ja muita tuotteita.


Sporttipaja is a sports and shoe store in Suomussalmi. We want our customers to enjoy sports and exercise so that their well-being increases with their hobbies.

In our store, you can find the right equipment for competitive sports, active hobbies, and all other types of movement. You get professional customer service from us according to your own needs.

  • Sports equipment, clothes, shoes, outdoor sports, fishing.
  • We maintain all sports equipment. We have skills for many types of maintenance and repair work!
  • You can also get guidance on using the tools from us. We are happy to guide you, for example, in skiing techniques both on winter slopes and in summer roller skiing.
  • We rent sup-boards, cross-country skis, sliding snowshoes, hunting skis, bicycles, chipping machines, aggregates and many other tools and vehicles from our store.

Contact details

Sporttipaja Kiannonkatu 1, 89600 Suomussalmi +358 29 7031 9900

Opening hours

Mon 9 - 17
Tue 9 - 17
Wed 9 - 17
Thu 9 - 17
Fri 9 - 17
Sat 9 - 14
Sun closed
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