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Piispajoki: Saarikoski, Petäiskoski ja Kantokoski

General description and local fish stock

The Piispajoki river, which flows from Lake Piispajärvi to Lake Kiantajärvi, winds through a six-kilometre journey amids coniferous forests and mires. The most common catch on Piispajoki is grayling, which can be caught from the eddies or necks of small rapids. Of course, there is also an opportunity to catch the occasional trout that has risen upriver from Lake Kiantajärvi. There is a natural grayling and trout population in the river. The living conditions for fish have also been improved with restorations. In 2022, additional spawning brooks and areas for young fish were added on the Piispajoki river.

Piispajoki has private water areas owned by Metsähallitus. The Petäiskoski, Saarikoski and Kantokoski rapids are covered by the North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu angling permit area 5411. A good starting point on Mustajoki is the area near the Kantokoski wilderness hut, where the Saarikoski and Petäiskoski rapids flow. The actual Kantokoski is located about six hundred metres downstream. At the lower reaches of Saarikoski, there is a spacious cabin for 10 people and a campfire site. You can leave your car in the parking lot next to the dirt road on the south side, from which there is a sign to Kantokoski (see the waypoint below). It is a 700-metre-walk from there to Piispajoki. The path goes through wet terrain in some places, so it may be wise to put on waders or boots already at the car.

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Piispajoen Kantokoski.
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The few-hundred-metre section of rapids formed by Saarikoski and Petäiskoski is best fished with a fly rod, but it is also suitable for precise “pocket fishing” with spin casting grear. Low rapids and short straight-flowing backwaters alternate with one another in this ten-metre wide rocky stream. The most effective technique is to move upstream, accurately fishing the pits below the eddies and the straight current backwaters with rod-length casts.

Surefire locations for catching grayling include places where water has hollowed up a deeper section. Graylings may not be afraid of waders, but especially during low water, short precise casts from the protection of the shoreline trees may be the key to success. This plumb brush-finned fish can be often found snacking right by the riverside, in the shade of the shoreline.


Fishing permit and regulations for Piispajoki

The Piispajoki river is divided between Metsähallitus and joint property management associations. The North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu angling permit 5411 allows fishing on the Petäiskoski, Saarikoski and Kantokoski rapids. The permit area can be viewed in the retkikartta.fi service by clicking on the fishing areas layer.

Most important minimum catch sizes and protection periods:

Minimum catch size of a grayling: 35 cm. Protection period: 1 April to 31 May.

Minimum catch size of a trout with an adipose fin: 60 cm. Minimum catch size of a trout with the adipose fin cut: 50 cm. The protection period for trout in the rapids and current areas: 1 September to 30 November.

Additional information and permit purchases (angling permit 5411)




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