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Peranganjoki river and the Peranka route

General description and local fish stock

The Peranganjoki river (Perankajoki) and the Peranka route in Suomussalmi offer plenty of fishing opportunities. The route is tens of kilometres long in total, so there are plenty of fishing destinations with numerous rapids and lakes. The Peranka route is also popular with paddlers and is well suited for fishing trips on canoes.

The source of the Peranganjoki river is Lake Iso-Perankajärvi, from which the river flows through a ribbon of lakes – also known as the Peranka route – finally to Lake Hossanjärvi. From there onwards the route continues on the Hossanjoki river. Both in the Peranganjoki and on the Peranka route there are several short rapids that attract fishers seeking for their own bit of peace and wilderness. These small-scale and narrow rapids are mainly suitable for both spin casting and fly-fishing. The largest of the rapids on the route is Lounatkoski, with a drop of 5.5 metres over a distance of 700 metres.

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The actual Peranganjoki river flows outside the Hossa National Park, but after Iso-Kukkuri, the Peranka route breaches the southwest border of the National Park. From an angler’s point of view, it should be noted that most of the Peranganjoki river section between the Iso-Peranka and Iso-Kukkuri lakes are private waters (for more information, see the section Fishing permit and regulations).

Many of the destinations for those looking for free-flowing waterways can be reached with a fairly small amount of walking from the nearest road. The area has hiking trails and several lean-to shelters and campfire sites. The waters of the Peranka route in particular are well suited for fishing when hiking.

The main target fish in the river sections is grayling, but trout can also be caught from these waters. Fishers on canoes should also set aside time for the lakes between the river sections, as they can fish for perch on them. Only the fisheries management fee needs to be paid when fishing with a single rod.

Fishing permit and regulations for the Peranganjoki river and the Peranka route

Fishing on the lakes along the Peranka route is permitted with just the fisheries management fee when fishing with a single rod. A separate angling permit must be obtained when fishing in flowing water areas or using several fishing rods. Most of the rapids and flowing waters along the Peranka route belong to the angling permit area 5411 of North Ostrobothnia and Kainuu. The permit area also covers the initial section of Peranganjoki up to the Särkikoski rapids as well as a small section west of the road. The rest is private water. The angling permit area can be viewed in the retkikartta.fi service by clicking on the fishing areas layer.

Note: The area of Iso Tolonenvirta and Lounatkoski is covered by the Hossa angling permit 5502.


Most important minimum catch sizes and protection periods:

  • Minimum catch size of a grayling: 35 cm. Protection period: 1 April to 31 May.
  • Minimum catch size of a trout with an adipose fin: 60 cm. Minimum catch size of a trout with the adipose fin cut: 50 cm. The protection period for trout in the rapids and current areas: 1 September to 30 November.

Additional information and permit purchases (angling permit 5411):



Update 4/2023.
The images are taken on September (low water level). 

Descriptions of fisging spots are carried out in co-operation Oskari Reinman / Vapaalla jalalla as part of the Elinvoimaa matkailusta – Kuhmo Suomussalmi -project.