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Lake Kevättijärvi

General description and local fish stock

Lake Kevättijärvi, especially known for its perch, is located near the eastern border of Finland, approximately 50 kilometres southeast of Suomussalmi. A trip to a remote area is worthwhile, as the lake is not only beautifully wilderness-like but also has plenty of fish. Lake Kevättijärvi with its clear waters is a special fishing destination where you need to have both the fisheries management fee and the fishing permit for Yli-Vuokki. There is a maintained campfire site in Luotoniemi on the eastern shore. Rental huts are available nearby for accommodation.

In addition to perch, Lake Kevättijärvi also boasts stocks of trout, whitefish and pike, which can grow into true giants. Lake Kevättijärvi is not an easy destination for inexperienced fishers and catching fish worth boasting requires luck. Perch can be clever, and in some days it may seem as if the lake is empty of any underwater life. The secret of Kevättijärvi is in the opportunities it provides. It is a fascinating prospect that you can catch a great big perch, a metre-long pike or fighting trout with the same bait.

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Ahvenia, virveli ja vene Kevättijärven rannassa.
Kuvaaja Oskari Reinman. Kevättijärvellä saa käyttää vain sähkömoottoria.

Metsähallitus has invested in the growth of large perch in Lake Kevättijärvi, and an exceptional upper catch size of 35 centimetres has been set for the perch. Individuals larger than this must be released back to grow more. A maximum of ten perch smaller than this are permitted to be kept as catch. The fish stock and status of the lake as a recreational fishing destination have also been strengthened by means of a net fishing ban and the planting of trout and landlocked salmon.

The best fishing sites are the lake’s few deeps and the reedy bays of the lake. Those rowing or trolling with an electric motor can try to find fish on the open part of the lake. An anchorage site worth testing is, for example, a pit south of Luotolahti, to which schools of baitfish flock to in the autumn especially. In this case, a fisher using a jig or a wobbler may find a brown trout at the end of their fishing line.

Lake Kevättijärvi is a large lake, so it is a good idea to head out to fish on a rowing boat or by canoe. You can launch your own boat from the natural beach at the southern end of the lake. Only an electric motor may be used in Lake Kevättijärvi. There are also a few rowing boats that can be rented from the store at Ala-Vuokki (K-Mäkeläisen pojat Ky, Kuhmontie 311). The store is approximately 15 kilometres away. Enquiries about boats should be made in advance by calling the store, te. +358 40 588 1271.

Fishing permit and regulations for Kevättijärvi

Lake Kevättijärvi is a special fishing destination where you need to have both the fisheries management fee and the fishing permit for Yli-Vuokki. In trolling and fly-fishing by rowing, one fisher may use a maximum of two rods, each with one line. Only an electric motor may be used in Lake Kevättijärvi.

The most important minimum catch sizes:

Minimum catch size of a trout with an adipose fin: 60 cm. Minimum catch size of a trout with the adipose fin cut: 50 cm.

  • The minimum catch size for landlocked salmon is 60 cm.
  • The maximum catch size for perch is 35 cm. Individuals larger than this must be released.
  • Additional information and permit purchases (angling permit 5505):

In addition to Lake Kevättijärvi, the Yli-Vuokki angling permit area includes several lakes and ponds as well as rapids s destinations. In addition, many ponds and lakes in the area can be fished on with a fisheries management fee alone and offer opportunities for hiking and fishing while looking for the great perch catch. There are numerous campfire sites and lean-to shelters in the permit area.




Updated 4/2023.

Descriptions of fisging spots are carried out in co-operation Oskari Reinman / Vapaalla jalalla as part of the Elinvoimaa matkailusta – Kuhmo Suomussalmi -project.