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Hossanjoki river

General description and local fish stock

The naturally beautiful river Hossanjoki is one of the favourite destinations for fly-fishing and rapids fishers in Hossa. The Hossanjoki river has a variety of rapids and currents, and it offers kilometres worth of plentiful fisheries. At the riverside, the air feels like a wilderness from miles of sky. In Hossanjoki there is a natural grayling population, in addition to which catch-sized trout is being planted in the river. A lucky fisher may be able to catch even local trout swimming upstream from Kiantajärvi.

From a fisher’s perspective, the Hossanjoki river, which originates from Lake Hossanjärvi and ultimately flows into Lake Kiantajärvi, is divided into two sections. The Hossa angling permit (5502) covers the first six kilometres of Hossanjoki and its most well-known rapids. The permit area ends after Alakoski at Vallesmanni. From here onwards, the fishing waters of the Hossanjoki river are private waters belonging to joint property management associations. The remainder of the river is approximately 15 kilometres in length.

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Kalastaja Kuikankoskella Hossanjoella elokuussa.

The rapids upstream of Hossa and the fly-fishing area

The Hossa angling permit area 5502 consists of about ten different types of rapids and stream sections. The first rapids downstream from Lake Hossanjärvi is Niskakoski, which is about ten minutes away from the Hossa Visitor Centre. Southward from it are the Kuusikoski, Kaivoskoski and Leveänkoski rapids. These three rapids are designated for fly-fishing only.

Vääräkoski rumbles under the road 9190, and the longer backwater section after it is interrupted only by Saukkovirta. Pystynkoski momentarily divides the river into two branches. The last two rapids are Kuikankoski and Alakoski. There are marked paths to the banks of the rapids, and there are several campfire sites and lean-to shelters along the river.

Fishing permit for Hossanjoki

The upper part of the Hossanjoki river belongs to Hossa angling permit area 5502. The boundaries of the permit area can be viewed in the retkikartta.fi service by clicking on the fishing areas layer. The area designated for fly-fishing only includes the Kuusikoski, Kaivoskoski and Leveänkoski rapids.

Most important minimum catch sizes and protection periods:

  • Minimum catch size of a grayling: 35 cm. Protection period: 1 April to 31 May.
  • Minimum catch size of a trout with an adipose fin: 60 cm. Minimum catch size of a trout with the adipose fin cut: 50 cm. The protection period for trout in the rapids and current areas: 1 September to 30 November.
  • Additional information and permit purchases (angling permit 5502):

The Hossa angling permit also allows fishing at many other stream and pond sites in the Hossa area, like at the Lounatkoski rapid on the Peranka route and on Umpi-Valkeainen and Iso-Valkeainen.

The remainder of the Hossanjoki river is managed by joint property management associations. For more information and permits for this section, contact the Hossa Visitor Centre.




Data is updated 4/2023.
Photos taken in August (water very low).

The site descriptions of the fishing spots have been made in cooperation with Oskari Reinman / “Vapaalla jalalla” as part of the project “Vitality through tourism – Kuhmo Suomussalmi”.