Poika kalastaa Jalonuomaan kalastuslaiturilla, joka on osaa Patokosken reittiä.
Jalonuoma, kalastuslaituri

Patokoski Trail Ämmänsaari

The footpath and fishing pier along the Jalonuoma river is also known as the Patokoski route. Jalonuoma is located near Hotel Kiannon Kuohut in Ämmänsaari and the trail runs from behind the hotel towards a forested path along the river, and from there, passing rest stops, it climbs up the slope to Kiannonkatu, from where you can walk straight back to the hotel along the street. The route is about 2 km long. Easy access and open all year round. In winter, part of the footpath is adjacent to a cross-country ski trail. Along the way you will see the riverside, the Sonnikallio, a couple of waterfalls with water flowing also in winter, a nawa forest and a pine forest path. On the trail there are freshly built fitness stairs to add up some work out to the hike.

Trail information

Jalonkatu 1, 89600 Suomussalmi
Length2 km
Jalonuoma, kalastuslaituri