Lounasravintola-konditoria Herkkusuun vitriini, jossa erilaisia leivonnaisia.
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Lunch café & conditory Herkkusuu / Ämmän Leipä bakery

Lunch café & confectionery Herkkusuu

We are a traditional bakery, which also offers lunch-café and confectionery services in Herkkusuu at Jalonniemi. We have pastries, cakes, pies, breads and a wide selection of gluten free products. You can either enjoy them in our café or take away and coffee to go.

Contact information:
Jalonkaarre 3-5
Tel. + 358 0(8) 711 153


Ämmän Leipä

Ämmän Leipä is a family bakery based in Suomussalmi. We use as much local ingredients as possible.

Contact information:
Tel. (08) 711 158, 711 151
Email: amman.leipa@co.inet.fi

Contact details

Ämmän Leipä Jalonkaarre 3-5, 89600 Suomussalmi kahvila@ammanherkkusuu.fi +358 8 711 153
Lounasravintola-konditoria Herkkusuun terassi, kahvikuppi, jälkiruoka, järvimaisema.