Körmelö Log Cabin
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Körmelö Log Cabin

The log cabin is suitable for four persons. There are two single beds and an extra bed for two persons.

It has an outhouse, a stove and cooking equipment.

Pets are not allowed, smoking is not allowed.

Körmelö is a unique accommodation cabin assembled from the
logs of two different buildings in 2021, placed in the Riihelä yard district of Kainuun Luontoretket. It's atmosphere can best be experienced by visiting the site.

The log cabin is wheelchair accessible. There are slopes at both ends of the building. The outside toilet is also wheelchair accessible. You can also access the main building, the beach, the lean-to and the beach sauna with a wheelchair.


Kainuun luontoretket Joukojärventie 14, 89920 Suomussalmi timo@kainuunluontoretket.fi +358400758295


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