Åunainen Oilolan rakennus talvisessa maisemassa.
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Inn Majatalo Oilola

Ground floor: 3 rooms for 2-3 people, each room includes fully equipped mini kitchen, TV, WC and shower and other room for rent as a family room and also for family parties.
Upstairs: 2 rooms for 2 people, each room includes TV. The other room has a kitchenette. Shared WC and shower.

Sauna. Spacious bathroom and living room which is suitable for organising meetings, sauna evenings and yoga. Yoga session needs to be reserved in advance. Free Wi-Fi access, large parking area with free parking. Restricted number of AC outlets for cars.
No pets allowed.

The inn is open all year round.

70 €/night/single room
50 €/person/night/double room
40 €/person/night/room for 3
160 €/night/family room

The inn is located 750 m to the north of Suomussalmi centre.
Nearby services: Shop, bank, Spa Kiannon Kuohut/Theatre Retikka and restaurant at a distance of 1 km, cold station 0,2 km, service station 3 km.


Contact details

Tilausmatkat Oy / Matka Moilanen Oilolantie 3, 89600 Suomussalmi toimisto@tilausmatkat.info +358 400 282 865