Hypäs 8 - cottage
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Hypäs8 cottage

4 + 1 persons, available in the summer only

Hypän cottage is located on the sandy shore of Hypäsjärvi lake. It is a charming log cabin with a combined living room and kitchen, a separate bedroom, and a loft.

Additionally, the cottage features a wood-burning sauna and an outdoor toilet. Water is sourced from a traditional well. The small bedroom is furnished with a double bed, and the loft has separate mattresses.

- Minimun rent for 2 nights
- Bedlinen and towel 10 € /units
- Only in Summer
- Well water
- Outhouse toilet

Contact details

Loma-Hossa Hypäksentie 5b, 89920 Suomussalmi majoitus@loma-hossa.fi +3588732329

Opening hours

Mon open
Tue open
Wed open
Thu open
Fri open
Sat open
Sun open


Starting from 80 €
Hypäs 8 - living room
Hypäs8 - loft
Hypäs 8 - sauna
Hypäs8 - lake
Hypäs - water well