Rajakartano P
#Specialty accommodation

Rajakartano: Main Building

Rooms 2 x 4 persons, 3 x 2 persons in total up to 14. Rooms: 2 x 4 persons, 3 x 2 persons, in total up to 14. Well equipped kitchen, livingroom, 2 toilets, shower room and drying room (for clothing). Bedlinen are included in the price. Access to two saunas: one on the beach and another in the rowhouse. There is also is also a drying room in the basement of the rowhouse. Beach sauna has electrical stove, shower room and a lobby with a fireplace. Pier, boats, canoes and a place for campfire are at the beach for you to use as well.


Loma-Hossa Hossantie 284, 89920 Suomussalmi majoitus@loma-hossa.fi +3588732329


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