Suottajärvi, Hossa, Suomussalmi

In the shade of the forests

Take an excursion to the historical Värikallio rock paintings in Hossa, explore the mire protection area in Säynäjäsuo or stay overnight in the lean-to-shelter on the shore of a pond along the Pesiö hiking trail!

In Suomussalmi, you will find a variety of hiking trails and outdoor destinations. The most significant outdoor attractions are Hossa National Park, the Martinselkonen Nature Reserve, the Yli-Vuokki Recreation Area and the Murhisalo wilderness near Yli-Vuokki. There are also several trails in other parts of Suomussalmi of lengths ranging from 4 km to 28 km.

Retkeilyreittejä on monen tasoisia, osa reiteistä on kivituhkalla, jotka ovat helpompikulkuisia.

Trails and nature attractions

Suomussalmi invites hikers to roam its diverse hiking routes. There are countless sites bursting with natural beauty and the characteristic landscape of the area with ridges, eskers, mires and lakes is truly unique.

Visit the trails and nature attractions
Vaaleahiuksinen nainen nuotiolla keittämässä nokipannukahveja, taustalla kaatunut puu ja metsästysase sekä saaliiksi saatu lintu.


Suomussalmi offers extensive and diverse forests for hunting. Here, we hunt birds, elks, bears and small carnivores. The annual autumn hunting season is a favourite time of year for many local people and for some, it is even a way of life. The animals caught during a hunting day are used as natural, ecologically responsible food, which is often served alongside other offerings of the forest, such as mushrooms and berries. A hunting trip with a dog companion is an exciting adventure that offers the chance to trek outdoors and developing wilderness survival skills. Hunting trips run in cooperation with local hunting clubs are organised by the following companies:

Jarno's wilderness Hunting trips

Campfire sites

Suomussalmi has several campfire sites located close to the centre of Suomussalmi. We have collected here the fireplaces that are located less than half an hour’s drive from the centre of Suomussalmi. There are also several other campfire sites in the rest of Suomussalmi, especially in Hossa. For a map of Hossa’s fireplaces, see for example the website.

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