Snowmobile driving

What could be a better way to get to know Suomussalmi’s landscape than to go to snow mobile tour in the middle of nature. In Suomussalmi you will find one of the most varied and well-maintained snowmobile trails in the country.


The routes

Suomussalmi snowmobile routes are mainly on state-owned land and make up a network of about 550 km of tracks, of which about 350-450 km are mechanically maintained, depending on weather conditions. Suomussalmi has snowmobile routes leading to all neighbouring municipalities and there are several alternative routes available. For example, you can travel to Hossa either along Lake Kiantajärvi or choose a western or eastern route around the lake, both of which feature their own unique terrain.

More information on Suomussalmi snowmobile routes and rental snowmobiles.


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