Kevättalvella sulan Muikkupuron vieressä lumikenkäilee kask naista ja mies.
Suomussalmen kunta, kuvapankki. Kuvaaja Harri Tarvainen.

Jatkon Jotos Winter Trail

The Jatkon jotos is a multi-purpose trail, best suited for skiing (no tracks) or snowshoeing. The trail runs through the Jatkonvaara terrain and takes you to several clear waters, including the magnificent Muikkupuro. The trail is maintained from late December to late April, but in April the trail usually begins to soften. The best way to get around then is on skis or snowshoes. The route is marked in nature with orange paint markers and is recommended to be followed in a clockwise direction.


Trail information

Saari-Hoiluan pysäköintipaikka
Length12 km