frisbeegolf, Jätkänpuisto, Suomussalmi

Disc golf

There are two disc golf courses in Suomussalmi. The DiscGolfPark in Jätkänpuisto is a 9-hole and Haverinen’s DiscGolfPark offers an 18-hole course.


Jätkänpuisto DiscGolfPark

The nine-hole course in Jätkänpuisto is located in the beautiful Jätkänpuisto Park.

The course is classified as C1, which means it is a beginner-level course. “C” courses are suitable for beginners who are familiar with the sport, but are still learning to play. The fairways are short, usually less than 75 m. The estimated time to complete a round is about 45 minutes.


Jätkänpuisto DiscGolfPark track map



Haverinen DiscGolfPark

This 18-hole disc golf course was established in the Haverinen ski resort area in autumn 2018.

The course is classified as an AA1 course. AA-level fairways are longer and a bit more challenging. However, the course is also suitable for beginners. This is a forest terrain course that partly converges with the Haverinen sawdust running track and thus offers a versatile range of fairways of varying difficulties. The estimated time to complete a round is about two hours.


Haverinen DiscGolfPark track map