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Teboil Turjanhovi service & gas station

At Teboil Turjanhovi, good food is always offered, so welcome to enjoy fresh food from the table.

The lunch buffet is available daily and home-cooked meals with salads and sandwiches are available to order from the menu. And if you want fastfood, our chefs will flip you a mouth-watering burger in no time at all. We also have delicious fresh doughnuts and mouth-watering breads.

Turjanhovi services:

  • Lunch buffet & Á la Carte menu
  • Café services
  • Roll’s Burgers
  • The bet
  • Car services
  • Fishing permits

Contact details

Teboil Turjanhovi Suomussalmi Kalliokatu 2, 89600 Suomussalmi +358 50 430 5545