Kaksi naista meloo SUP-laudalla.
Suomussalmen kunta, kuvapankki. Kuvaaja Hannu Huttu.

Lumo’s SUP boards, kayaks and canoes

Explore the crystal clear waters of Hossa with Hossan Lumo’s SUP boards. With 6 rental boards available, you can go on an adventure with friends or family. Each rental includes instruction on how to use the SUP board.

In addition to SUP boards, Hossan Lumo also offers single kayaks and open canoes for rent. You can glide along the serene waters in two kayaks or paddle leisurely in one of three open canoes. Whether you’re travelling alone or in a group, Hossan Lumo has the right equipment for your needs.

Contact details

Camping Hossan Lumo Lumontie 3, 89920 Ruhtinansalmi info@hossanlumo.fi +358 500 166 377