Skiing is a popular hobby in Suomussalmi. There are trails for all ages and levels – flat terrain and the ice of Lake Kiantajärvi invites you to ski more effortlessly, while the slopes on the hilly ridges are a challenge for the skier. Suomussalmi offers excellent slopes for both traditional and cross country skiers. We have a real winter and plenty of snow. Hossa’s wilderness routes and trails take you to the scenery of the national park.

The tracks

Suomussalmi’s snowy winters offer excellent opportunities for skiing. There are about 60 km of mechanically groomed ski trails in the Suomussalmi centre and in the area of the church village. The Hossa National Park has about 30 km of ski trails suitable for traditional backcountry skiing. There are also multi-purpose trails for walking, skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking.