Water excursions in Hossa

The Hossa, with its numerous lakes and ponds, is one of the most spectacular water excursion areas in the country. The waters are well suited to beginners, but more experienced travellers will also find the rapids a challenge. The national park has several open wilderness cabins, huts, lean-tos, and fireplaces for travellers on canoes, kayaks and SUP boards.

Hossa water routes


The Perankajoki River, which starts at the big Perankajärvi lake, is just under 15 km long. The river has 13 rapids and a number of smaller streams. The largest of the rapids is Lounatkoski, which has a drop of 5.5 m over a distance of 700 m. In places it is a so-called III rapid.


Apart from the river section at the beginning, the route is an easy and varied mazy lake route, with small rapids and straits in between. The route can be paddled even in shallow water from Lake Laukkujärvi onwards. The difference in altitude between Lower Ölkky and Lihapyörre is 6.5 m over a distance of 2.3 km.


The route starts from Iijärvi on the western shore of Iso Ahvenlahti, or from the Sakkojoki bridge on the road to Kuusamo. The lake section is about 3 km long at the beginning. The peaceful section continues from Iijärvi to Iikoski. The length of the rapids is 350 m and the drop is 3.5 m. In low water, the rapids are not navigable. Even with normal water, the initial part of the rapids should be inspected by land. After the lake section, the route joins the main waterways of the Somerjoki and Hossa rivers.


The Hossa river is 30 km long. The river has been restored for water sports and recreational fishing. Most of the rapids are located in the lower part of the river for about 7 km. Although the rapids are accessible during the dry season, novice paddlers should check the rapids’ routes from the shore. Kuusikoski-Kaivoskoski-Leveäkoski form a section of rapids 800 m long and with a drop of 5 m. The left-hand channel is accessible at all water levels. Pystynkoski: length 200 m, drop 2 m. The right-hand channel is paddleable. Beware of big waves. There is a shelter on the island below the rapids where you can dry your equipment.

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