Rental Canoes and Kayaks in Hossa
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Rental Canoes and Kayaks in Hossa

Hossa is one of best water excursion destinations in Finland. The 60-kilometre water excursion trails provide enough canoeing for several days. Hossa’s canoeing season usually lasts from mid-May until the end of September. The labyrinthine lakes and flowing waters include plenty of good spots for both beginners and experienced canoers. Several fireplace spots on trails are located on shorelines, so it’s easy to take advantage of the waterways whilst on treks.

Take to the waters conveniently in the canoes and kayaks available for rent.

Canoes 40 € / day or 30 € ½ day, Julma-Ölkyllä 40 € / 6 h
Kayaks 30 € / day or 20 € ½ day


Hossa-Kylmäluoma Jatkonsalmentie 6, 89920 Suomussalmi +358 8 845151


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