Raatteen Portin sisäänkäynti, jonka molemmin puolin siniset aurinkovarjot.

Raatteen Portti

Raatteen Portti offers unforgettable stories and various services for travelers. Above all, the Winter War exhibition tells to the visitor about the events in Suomussalmi and Raate Road in 1939–1940. In addition to the museum, Portti has a changing exhibition, which currently focuses on the phases of the Continuation War and the field track. The museum and its surroundings are impressive, and it offers the aforementioned Winter War Museum, themed trails in nature, as well as the extensive Winter War Monument. The cannons, tanks and other wartime material outside are from the Winter War.

During a day full of history in Café Kanttiini Päämaja you can drink coffee and enjoy the popular knight’s doughnuts. In the evening, the traveler can conveniently stay close to all of this and sleep in the cozy Guesthouse Karhunpesä.

Furthermore, in Raatteen Portti there are several events held all year round of the Winter War. Raatteen Portti is really a place worth to stop.

Contact details

Raatteentie 2 , 89800 Suomussalmi info@raatteenportti.fi + 358 40 089 2192